Hertz Energy Services, is a global leader in power generation and temperature control in the world of events. Specialized in providing comprehensive service, we offer services in sporting events related to motoring and motorcycling, outdoor concerts and festivals, political campaigns, movie and television production, local festivals and town fairs.
Hertz Energy Services provides power generation and temperature control for temporary solutions in all industrial segments. We can help minimize maintenance costs. We are experts in large areas, power in case of emergencies and contingency plans, generator maintenance, technical breaks and guarantee energy in key points of production.
Hertz Energy Services can offer electricity companies our extensive experience in assistance and emergencies. A team of highly qualified professionals, a fleet with the latest technology such as hompolar protection to avoid cuts to the network and with more than 1000 kvas ensuring a minimum consumption of fuel. Together with a fleet of service trucks, 4x4 and trailers, makes us the best supplier in this specialized market. We also have a great deal of experience in international projects, power plants and energy cogeneration (combined heat and power) run on diesel.


Welcome to Hertz Energy Services, a global leader in power generation and temperature control. Our services and products have been designed to give a complete solution to all the needs of power generation and temperature control in the areas of events, industry, electrical and power plants. Thanks to our experience and the support of the Hertz Group, we have a widespread capacity of resources, including technical expertise, means of transportation and equipment specifically designed to provide the best benefits in the market. All of this allows us to respond immediately, effectively and with flexibility to meet any necessity of energy or climate in Spain or any other country.

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